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5 Hidden Benefits of Wearing a Jade Bangle Bracelet

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Written By: Cathy
Edited By: Wai Yan
21 June 2023

Gold has value, Jade is priceless

In ancient China, there is an old saying, "Gold has value, jade is priceless", which highlights the exceptional worth of jade due to its rarity and precious nature. Around the world, people have adorned themselves with jade jewelry and jade art for thousands of years. Jade bangles have become a popular jewelry choice, not only for its exquisite beauty, elegance and unparalleled value but also for the numerous benefits it offers to the wearer. This article aims to explore five key benefits of wearing jade; shedding light on its profound impact on wellbeing and overall positivity. 

a picture of a woman holding a jade bracelet against a sunny sky.

1. Ward off Evil & Brings Luck

Throughout history, there has been a belief that wearing a jadeite jade bangle can offer protection against evil and ward off negative spirits. This belief stems from the stone's association with luck and good fortune. Jade is thought to possess a special connection to the divine, serving as a medium for communication between humans and higher beings. Therefore, wearing beautiful jade bracelets regularly is believed to attract good luck, repel negativity, and invite blessings from deities.


Real jade is cold to the touch, right? Watch us conduct a science experiment with the public to see if anyone can identify which bangle is real amongst five other samples of treated jade, glass and fake imitations just by feeling the coldness.


How Jade became a symbol of protection in China

The story of ‘The Jade Emperor's Heart’ tells a legendary tale of how people started to wear jade to ward off evil in Chinese mythology. 

Once upon a time, there was a virtuous and kind-hearted young man named Li Wei. He was known for always helping people in need at the village . One day, Li Wei was walking through a dense forest where he encountered a mysterious old man with a long white beard. The old man’s eyes sparkled with wisdom and his voice carried a sense of otherworldliness.

The old man approached Li Wei and said, “Young man, you possess a rare quality that is deserving of a great gift. I present to you the heart of the Jade Emperor hidden within this green jade stone.” With those words, the old man handed Li Wei a radiant piece of green jade, pulsating with a divine energy. He was astounded and grateful for such a precious gift. He thanked the old man and vowed to treasure the jade stone forever.

From that day onward, there was a remarkable change in Li Wei’s life. The green jade seemed to emanate a protective aura, shielding him from misfortunes and warding off evil influences. It was as if the Jade Emperor’s heart was guiding and guarding him. 

There was a time when a catastrophic event struck the village that caused everyone in the village to face hardship but Li Wei remained unharmed. He was able to walk through dangerous paths unscathed, and even the wild animal seemed to submit to his presence. 

People marveled at his good fortune and attributed it to the divine power of the jade. News of this jade stone started to spread fast and wide. It made many people envious of Li Wei. Zhang Feng, a notorious bandit leader at the time was particularly envious of Li Wei’s blessings and determined to steal the jade stone from him. 

Zhang Feng and his associates attacked Li Wei on one moonlit night as Li was returning home. Zhang's associates made every attempt to snatch the green jade but, Li Wei fought off every attempt and refused to let go of the jade. In that critical moment, the jade emitted a dazzling light, blinding Zhang and his associates. The light grew brighter and more intense, creating a protective barrier around Li Wei. The bandits became frightened by this bright aura coming from the jade and ran away believing the wrath of the divine is upon them.

The word of the attack spread throughout the region, solidifying the belief that the jade stone possessed extraordinary powers. From then on, people flocked to Li Wei seeking his blessing and he became the 'Jade Guardian' who used the jade stone to cure the sick, and dispel evil spirits for people. 

As time passed, people began to wear jade jewelries themselves like Chinese jade bracelets and jade bead bracelets from light green, emerald green to even lavender jade colors to ward off the evil and seek luck. To date, the legendary tale of Li Wei and the Jade Emperor’s heart is told as a reminder of the importance of the virtuous deeds, the benevolent power jade beholds, and its ability to ward off evil.

a photo of a woman meditating with jade bangle bracelets

2. Enhance Inner Peace & Harmony

Wearing a jade bangle bracelet can have a profound impact on our emotional well being. Because jade is often known as the “stone of serenity” that possesses the remarkable qualities fostering emotional equilibrium. 

Regularly wearing a green jade bracelet any other color of jade promotes inner peace and harmony. The gentle and soothing energy of stone creates a calm sanctuary amidst life's chaos. It acts as a tranquilizer for an overactive mind, quieting racing thoughts and bringing mental clarity. Jade fosters serenity, relaxation, and composure, enabling us to navigate challenges with greater ease.

In today’s fast-paced world, anxiety and fear often grips us, the sense of insecurity emerges among us and within us. Wearing a quality jade bracelet can soothe the anxiousness and fear. Jade can absorb and dispel negative energies, easing feelings of apprehension and tension. It provides a deepen sense of security and stability, like a steadfast anchor in the swirling sea of emotions. 

By adorning ourselves with genuine jade bangle bracelets, we open ourselves up to a world of serenity and inner peace. 

Jade in Meditation

Jade is highly regarded for its calming and balancing properties, making it a popular choice for those seeking a peaceful state of mind during meditation. It is believed that jade can help to purify and harmonize energy, allowing for a deeper connection with oneself and the surrounding environment. Many individuals use jade meditation tools such as jade beads, palm stones, or even jade bangle bracelets to enhance their meditation experience and promote a sense of purity, tranquility and spiritual well-being.

3. Revitalizing Blood Circulation

Daily wear of jade bangle bracelets over an extended period can effectively promote blood circulation in our hands. This is particularly beneficial for those with poor blood circulation around the wrists, as it can help alleviate the discomfort like cold hands. The gentle swinging motions and soothing friction created by wearing a jade bangle bracelet against the wrist works to enhance blood flow in your hand, stimulate a healthier blood circulation overall.

Which hand should a jade bracelet be worn on?

The heart is positioned closer to the left side of the human body. Wearing a jade bangle bracelet on the left hand, closer to the heart can diffuse the body with a sense of serenity, promoting a calm state of being as jade can ease the heart rate, stabilize the blood pressure and calm the heart.  

Furthermore, jade is believed to have a strong connection to the heart chakra (the fourth of the seven main chakras, located in the center of the breastbone) which is associated with love, compassion and emotional well-being. It is believed that wearing jade bangle bracelets on the left hand can open the heart, promote love and nurturing qualities, and enhance relationships. So, don’t hesitate to embrace the beauty and power of jade bangle bracelets. Let their serene energy infuse your life, stimulating deep connections and nurturing your soul. 

4. Beauty, Style, and Elegance

Jade bangle bracelets are renowned for their exquisite beauty and their ability to enhance one’s appearance with an aura of elegance. The allure of jade lies not only in its esthetic appeal but also in the legends associated with it.  

The tale of Yang Guifei illustrates the love for jade bangles women had. Guifei was a beloved concubine of Emperor Xuanzong during the Tang Dynasty. She was revered for her exceptional beauty, and her fondness for wearing classic jade bangle added to her legendary status. 

Guifei was particularly captivated by oval-shaped jade bangle bracelets. She believed that wearing such a bangle could enhance her natural beauty and accentuate the graceful curves of her wrists. As a result, oval-shaped jade bangle bracelets were highly sought after and gained tremendous popularity among women who aspired to emulate Guifei’s elegance and charm. In fact, an oval-shaped jade bangle bracelet is named after Yang Guifei today as “Guifei Zhuo” or simply "Guifei" among Chinese people to emphasize the elegance and graceful style that an oval jade bangle bracelet can bring to the wearer. 

In today’s modern world, jade, especially jade bangle bracelets, continues to be adored by women and now, even men. They are adored not only for their ability to add an aura of elegance but also for their uniqueness and versatility. These unique qualities of jade can enhance your entire appearance and make you standout from the crowd. 

Natural jade bangles come in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes that make each piece truly unique. This diversity and uniqueness of jade bangles allows individuals to customize their personal style and personality. A Jade bangle can effortlessly elevate your outfit whether you prefer a minimalist decision or a bold statement piece. 

Elevate your style and embrace a touch of luxury with a jade bangle. Not only does it exude sophistication, but it also carries the symbolic meaning of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture. Incorporating this timeless piece into your outfit adds a refined elegance that transcends fleeting trends. With its subtle shimmer and smooth texture, the jade bangle bracelet effortlessly enhances any outtings, whether you're dressed casually or for a formal occasion. Experience understated glamour and elevate your fashion game with this enduring symbol of elegance.

Record Breaking Natural Jade Bracelet

In 2015 a Guifei jade bangle sold at Sotheby's auction house for recording breaking price of $43,800,000 HKD ($5.59M USD). During the auction, the auctioneer conveyed the life story of Yang Yuhuan (Yang Guifei's madian name) that captivated the participants. More information about this bangle can be found in our Top 10 Most Expensive Jadeite Bangles article.

5. "Nourishing" the Body

In addition to their esthetic appeal, jade bangle bracelets offer a range of health benefits. One notable advantage is their ability to enhance the body’s absorption and metabolic rate, leading to smoother blood flow and a nourished body. As the ancient saying goes, “a good piece of jade nourishes the body,” and it holds true today. Jade is rich in valuable trace elements, bestowed upon us by Mother Nature herself. These elements work harmoniously to support our overall well-being. 

The variety of essential trace elements contained within jade including magnesium and iron elements are crucial for normal physiological functions in the human body. We can absorb these elements by wearing real jade bangle bracelets regularly. Alleviating the deficiencies of these essential trace elements in the body is believed by traditional Chinese medicine to release inner stress, relieve physical fatigue, promote hair growth, nourish the organs and skin, soothe the soul, and sharpen the senses. Regularly wearing natural jadeite jade bangle is believed to be advantageous as it helps nourish our bodies and purify our inner soul.

Cautionary Note

It is important to note that the use of jade for treating any medical condition lacks scientific evidence. It is strongly recommended to never substitute any stones or crystals for proper medical care.

The benefits of wearing real jade bangle bracelets are truly remarkable. These stunning jade jewelry offer a great amount of benefits that extend beyond mere esthetics. So, as you embark on your journey of self-expression and well-being, consider embracing the enchanting world of jade bangles and jade jewellery. Experience the profound benefits they bring, from warding off negative to promoting blood circulation, instilling inner harmony, and enhancing your outward allure. Let jade be your beautiful companion, empowering you to radiate positive energy and embrace the beauty of life.

About the Author
Cathy is a gem enthusiast with a unique background. Born in China and raised in Australia, Cathy’s love for gems has grown deep roots. Cathy has recently joined the family gem business, where she continues to learn and gain knowledge. Passionate about the exquisite world of gems, Cathy invites you to join her on an enchanting journey of discovery and wonder of the gem-filled world!

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  • I was part of a Wendy wu tour in China. In Beijing we were taken to a “jade factory” I purchased a jade bangle. How do I know if it’s real?

     Rowan Stringer
  • Hi, how to know the structure, colour, texture or transparency of jade that bring more benefits, luck, power and etc.

     Suhaibah Azhar
  • I found this jade bracelet it also has white in the bracelet too,it’s very cold what would sometng like this be eorth


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Real jade is cold to the touch, right? Watch us conduct a science experiment with the public to see if anyone can identify which bangle is real amongst five other samples of treated jade, glass and fake imitations just by feeling the coldness.