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Jade Bracelet Sizing Guide: How to Measure for Jade Bangle

Tried and Tested Methods

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Written By: Wai Yan
28 June 2023

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How to Measure Jade Bangle Size

Choosing the correct size jade bangle is crucial to ensure that it will fit you properly. A jade bangle is a rigid piece of jade jewelry and will not mould around your wrist. If the size is too narrow to fit over your knuckles, it will not fit. If the bangle is too large, it may easily come off your wrist with sudden arm movements. Jade bangle measurement is easy, follow our guide step by step to ensure you get the right fitting jade bracelet.

Preliminary Notes

  1. For best accuracy, it's recommended that you take the measurements with an instrument that uses millimeter units or at least centimeter units. Using inches as a unit of measurement may result in erroneous sizing.

  2. Oval shape jade bangles' sizes are different to circular shape jade bangles. Information on how to get your sizing for an oval jade bangle please refer to our ‘Sizing for Oval Jade Bangle Bracelets’ section below.

  3. For individuals that are not flexible with their hands or are suffering from arthritis, it's recommended that you add 2 to 3mm to your jade bangle size.

  4. Measure the hand that you are going to wear the jade bangle bracelet on. Our dominant hand is slightly larger than the other. See our article “5 Hidden Benefits of Wearing a Jade Bracelet” if you’d like a suggestion on which hand you should wear your jade bangle.

  5. There is a tolerance with fitment. Your jade bangle bracelet size does not have to be an exact measurement.

  6. Find a helping hand with the process where possible. It will make it much easier for you.

  7. To ensure correct fitment, it's recommended that you follow all the steps below.

Primary Method

an array of tools for jade bangle bracelet sizing. mays jade bangle sizing guide.
Optional. Alternative to a tape measure.
Thick Cardboard
Optional. Used to test your fitment in the final step.
Optional. Used to test your fitment in the final step.
Tape Measure
Pen or Marker
Optional. Used to test your fitment in the final step.

Step 1: Gather the tools

The tools you gathered from the above table will be used in 2 separate processes: to measure and test fitment. If you simply want to obtain your size, all you will need is a tape measure or a string and ruler. 

woman's hand preparing for jade bangle bracelet sizing. mays jade bangle sizing guide.

Step 2: Position your hand

Place your hand in a relaxed and open position with your palm facing up. Reach the bottom of your little finger (on the crease) with the tip of your thumb resembling the number four hand gesture as pictured above.

woman's hand with tape measure wrapped around. mays jade bangle sizing guide.

Step 3: Measure using tape measure

Using the tape measure, wrap it around just below your thumb knuckle as pictured above. While keeping it straight and aligned, tighten the tape measure but not so much that the tape is pressing into your skin. Then, note down the measurement. Our model in the photo measures 18.7cm on the tape measure which converts to 187mm. This measurement will be used to determine your jade bangle size in the next step.

back of woman's hand with tape measure wrapped around. mays jade bangle sizing guide.

This picture illustrates how the tape measure should be wrapped around the back of the hand.

Measure using a string and ruler

If you're using a string instead of a tape measure, the process is similar. Wrap the string around the palm just below your thumb knuckle. Note how there is little to no tension on the string in the photo. Then, mark a spot where the string makes a complete loop around your hand as pictured below.

woman's hand with string wrapped around and holding a marker. mays jade bangle sizing guide.
woman's hand placing string on ruler. mays jade bangle sizing guide.

Place the string that you have just marked on a ruler to measure its length. Our model’s string measures 185mm on the ruler.

Step 4: Find your size

Use the jade bangle size chart below to find your corresponding jade bangle size (inner diameter) in a regular fit. If you prefer a loose fitting of the jade bangle bracelet, you may add anywhere between 1 - 3mm to the jade bangle size depending on your personal preference.

Jade Bangle Size Chart

 Tape / String Length  Jade Bangle Size
 60 - 90mm 40 - 45mm
 100 - 113mm 46 - 48mm
 130 - 150mm 49 - 51mm
 160 - 190mm 52 - 54mm
 200 - 220mm 55 - 57mm
 230 - 250mm 58 - 61mm
 260 - 280mm 62 - 63mm
 290 - 310mm 64 - 66mm


Our model in this guide measures: 187mm on the tape measure and 185mm with a string and ruler. The table above indicates her jade bangle bracelet size should be 54mm.

Step 5: Test your measurement

Now it’s time to test your sizing. If you have any doubts about the accuracy of your hand measurement, you can verify fitment by employing this creative method. Using the thick cardboard, compass, ruler, and scissors, we will guide you to create a cardboard bangle. With this, you can gauge if the jade bracelet size you got from step 4 is accurate.

drawing a circle with compass on a cardboard. mays jade bangle sizing guide.

Draw a circle using a compass

Prepare your compass to draw a circle with a diameter of your jade bracelet size. In our example, our model obtained a jade bracelet size of 54mm. To draw a circle with a 54mm diameter using a compass, we first need to obtain its radius. The radius is the diameter divided by 2 which in our model’s case is 27mm (54 divided by 2). With your compass, adjust the gap between the needle point and the pencil to be exactly the radius using a ruler. In the model’s case, the compass gap is 27mm. Once adjusted, draw the circle.

picture of a woman cutting cardboard to shape. mays jade bangle sizing guide.

Cut out the circle

Using the needle hole made by the compass at the center of the circle as a reference point, fold the cardboard into half. Then, using your scissors cut out along the circle outline.

a woman measuring the diameter of a cardboard cutout. mays jade bangle sizing guide.

Check the diameter

Double check the diameter of the circle cut-out on the cardboard to ensure it's the same size as the jade bangle bracelet size you obtained in step 4. Our model's size was 54mm which is as pictured above.

a woman's hand fitted with a cardboard bangle cutout. mays jade bangle sizing guide.

Try it on!

Give yourself a pad in the back for making it this far. Try your cardboard bangle on. Depending on the thickness of the cardboard, it should not tear during fitment. In our model's example, 54mm fits perfectly.

Secondary Method

This is an alternative method for determining the size of your jade bangle bracelet. We find it's not as consistently accurate as the primary method. You can utilize this method as a supplementary step to verify the accuracy of the size obtained through the primary method, ensuring an ideal bangle fit.

woman's palm being measured with a ruler. mays jade bangle sizing guide.

Using a ruler

Place your hand in a relaxed and open position with your palm facing up. Using a ruler, measure the breadth of your palm just below your knuckles. Place the 0 unit of measurement of your ruler just below where your index finger crease and the other end should be place just under your little finger's crease. In our model's example, the measurement was roughly 65mm as pictured above.

woman's palm being measured with a calliper. mays jade bangle sizing guide.

Using a caliper

If you have access to a caliper, a more accurate measurement can be achieved. Our model's palm breadth is 65mm.

Calculate your jade bangle size

The formula is simple. Take the palm breadth measurement you got previously and subtract 10. For example, our model's palm breadth was 65mm. Subtract 10 from 65, we get 55mm which also fits her. When in doubt, you can always follow step 5 of this guide to test your findings.

Existing Bangle Method

This method of measuring for the size of a jade bangle bracelet is highly accurate but will require a bangle that is known to fit your hand. Any bangle bracelet will do as long as it's solid and not hinged for fitment. It doesn't even have to be your own. Trying on bangles from friends or family can give you an accurate fitting measurement. Just measure the inner diameter of a bangle that fits you the way you like using a ruler or caliper to get the size. Do note that metallic bangles like gold or silver bangles are typically worn in larger sizes than jade bangle bracelets and won't not necessarily be a good size indicator.

Sizing for Oval Jade Bangle Bracelets

Sizing for an Oval jade bangle is different to a round or circular jade bangle bracelet. In order to establish your size for an oval bangle, you would need to first follow the methods above to get your size for round bangle, then, add 2mm to that measurement. This will provide you with a size to fit oval shaped jade bangle bracelets. Use the table below as an example.

 Your Circular Bangle Size Your Oval Bangle Size

About the Author
Wai was born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Trained by the Gemmological Association of Australia, he is a qualified Gemologist and a fellow of the GAA. Throughout his life, he has been in constant contact with gemstones and jewellery through the family business and has been fascinated by the beauty and rarity of them all. He is now operating a branch of the business in Australia, supplying all kinds of gemstones especially of Burmese origin to international markets.

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