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Jade Bead Bracelets

Our jade bead bracelets are elegant and timeless accessories crafted from natural jadeite jade and strung on elastic cords for flexibility and ease of wear. They can be worn as standalone accessories or stacked with other bracelets to create a layered look. The natural variations in the stone's colour and pattern make each bracelet unique, adding to its beauty.
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Jade Bracelets with 24k Gold

Some of our designs incorporate additional elements like 24k pure gold charms for a more elegant touch. Natural jadeite beads come in various colours, including shades of green, lavender, white, and yellow, with green being the most traditional and popular. The beads can vary in size, ranging from delicate and small to larger, depending on the design and personal preference. 

Jade Bead Bracelets as Meaningful Gifts

Jade is believed to have cultural and metaphysical significance in many traditions, symbolising purity, protection, and good luck. Whether worn for their aesthetic appeal or believed metaphysical properties, jade bead bracelets are versatile and make for meaningful gifts or stylish additions to any jewellery collection.

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Real jade is cold to the touch, right? Watch us conduct a science experiment with the public to see if anyone can identify which bangle is real amongst five other samples of treated jade, glass and fake imitations just by feeling the coldness.